(WP1) The University of Oslo is in charge of the management and coordination of the project and, in collaboration with the European Southern Observatory (ESO), will deliver a plan for the long-term sustainability and international governance structure of the AtLAST observatory.

Future partnerships (e.g. with the Japanese Large Submillimeter Telescope - LST), the collaboration with the Chilean government, scientific and technical synergies with other astronomical facilities (e.g. ESO facilities, observatories on Chajnantor such as ALMA and CCAT-p) will be studied as part of WP1 activities. In addition, WP1 oversees the communication and dissemination of the project results.

Main contacts and roles:

Main milestones:

  • Kickoff meeting

  • Appointment of the External Advisory Committee 

Main deliverables:

  • Governance Plan

  • Synergies Plan

  • Final Budget for construction and operations of AtLAST

Memo series

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