(WP5) Experts on renewable energy systems from the University of Oslo will investigate and demonstrate technical challenges and opportunities of developing a fully renewable-energy powered AtLAST facility. This study is a first of its kind for an astronomical observatory at the design study stage.

The analysis will focus on the use of PV power and a hybrid energy storage system, combining batteries and hydrogen, to fulfil the demands of the telescope. One of the main challenges is to guarantee short- and long-term energy storage for the telescope, its infrastructure, and a possible surplus supply for the use of nearby communities.

Main contacts and roles:

Main milestones:

  • Mid-term and final meetings with stakeholders and local communities

Main deliverables:

  • Report on the renewable energy system model
  • Report on the hybrid energy storage system
  • Report on best practice guidelines for environmentally and climate positive telescope operations

Memo series

Published Sep. 16, 2020 10:17 AM - Last modified Mar. 24, 2021 10:43 AM