AtLAST team members have extensive experience in building, commissioning, observing with (sub)mm instrumentation, telescope operations management and working with atmospheric and climate models. Many members of our team actively engage the public through outreach as well as the broader astronomical community.

Persons 1 - 25 of 33
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Paola Andreani Andreani, Paola Astronomer - ESO +(49) 89 3200 6247 +(49) 893 200 6576 ESO, Galaxy evolution, Galaxy formation, Cosmology
Picture of Mats Carlsson Carlsson, Mats Professor +47-22856536 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Observations, Simulations, Computational Astrophysics, Solar Chromosphere, IRIS, Japan, USA, Nordic
Picture of Claudia Cicone Cicone, Claudia Associate Professor - UiO +47 22856515 UiO, WP1-Governance, WP6-Science, Galaxy formation, Galaxy evolution, intergalactic medium, (Sub)-millimetre telescopes
Picture of Carlos De Breuck De Breuck, Carlos Project Scientist - ESO WP3-Site, ESO, WP4-Operations
Picture of Luca Di Mascolo Di Mascolo, Luca Postdoctoral fellow - Università degli Studi di Trieste +39 040 3199 123 UiO, Galaxy formation, Galaxy evolution, intergalactic medium, (Sub)-millimetre telescopes
Picture of Carlos Alberto Durán Urrutia Durán Urrutia, Carlos Alberto Physicist - ESO/ Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie ESO, Physicist, WP3-Site
Picture of Martina D´Angelo D´Angelo, Martina Communication Advisor - UiO UiO, science communication, outreach, WP1-Governance
Picture of Hans Kristian Kamfjord Eriksen Eriksen, Hans Kristian Kamfjord Professor +47 22858454 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cosmology
Picture of James Geach Geach, James Professor - University of Hertfordshire WP6-Science, Galaxy evolution, Galaxy formation, UH
Picture of Evanthia Hatziminaoglou Hatziminaoglou, Evanthia Deputy head of the ALMA Regional Centre (+49) 89 3200 6560 WP4-Operations, ESO, Active Galactic Nuclei
Picture of Rob Ivison Ivison, Rob ESO Director for Science Galaxy evolution, WP1-Governance, ESO
Picture of Francisca Kemper Kemper, Francisca Astronomer - ESO (+49) 893 200 6447 ESO, insterstellar medium, Active Galactic Nuclei
Picture of Pamela Klaassen Klaassen , Pamela Senior Instrument Scientist - UKRI WP6-Science, star formation, radio interferometry, UKRI, ALMA
Picture of Hans J. Kärcher Kärcher, Hans J. Consultant WP2-Design, Engineering
Picture of Francisco Montenegro Montenegro, Francisco Head of APEX Science Operations - ESO +56 2 25950800 (ext. 218) WP4-Operations, ESO, Active Galactic Nuclei, Observations, Apex
Picture of Tony Mroczkowski Mroczkowski , Tony Astronomer - ESO (+49) 89 3200 6174 ESO, WP2-Design, Cosmology, Galaxy clusters, (Sub)-millimetre telescopes
Picture of Neil Phillips Phillips, Neil Instrument Scientist - ESO (+49) 893 200 6447 (+49) 893 200 6447 ESO, Observational techniques, sub-mm wavelenghts
Picture of Gergö Popping Popping, Gergö Astronomer - ESO +(49) 89 3200 6247 ESO, (Sub)-millimetre telescopes, Galaxy evolution, Galaxy formation
Picture of Juan-Pablo  Pérez-Beaupuits Pérez-Beaupuits, Juan-Pablo Astronomer - ESO +(49) 89 3200 6247 ESO, (Sub)-millimetre telescopes, Apex, WP3-Site, WP4-Operations, WP6-Science
Picture of Joanna Ramasawmy Ramasawmy, Joanna AtLAST scientist - UKRI WP6-Science, Galaxy evolution
Picture of Matthias Reichert Reichert , Matthias Mechanical Engineer and Project Management - OHB WP2-Design, Engineering
Picture of Sabrina  Sartori Sartori, Sabrina Associate Professor - UiO +47 22842227 UiO, WP5-Energy, energy systems, energy storage
Picture of Alice Schimek Schimek, Alice Doctoral Research Fellow extragalactic astronomy, AtLAST
Picture of Sijing Shen Shen, Sijing Associate Professor +47 22856547 Galaxies, Galaxy formation, Intergalactic Medium, Cosmology, Simulations, Feedback, Radiative processes
Picture of Thomas Stanke Stanke, Thomas Astronomer WP4-Operations, ESO