AtLAST logo has a new look!

Designed and implemented by Luca Di Mascolo, the new logo shows more realistic features of the antenna’s structural design as well as hints at the ideal location for the world's largest sub-millimetre astronomical telescope.

New AtLAST logo showing an antenna, mountains with snow and desert

The new logo shows a view of AtLAST from the South, with the viewer looking towards the Licancabur volcano in the background. The landscape surrounds the prospective Site I, located nearby the APEX telescope (read "The AtLAST team on a field trip 5000 meters above the sea" for more information on the site selection). The shadow cast by the telescope is approximately appropriate for a scenario when AtLAST could be observing a deep extragalactic field known as the Cosmic Evolution Survey or “COSMOS” on a sunny winter afternoon, e.g. around 4pm local time in late June.

The new logo also reveals more realistic features of the antenna’s structural design.

– The design is compact and low, resting on a rocking chair elevation wheel that will enable fast motions and stable scans, explains Tony Mroczkowski, coordinator of work package 2 ,“Design”.

– It's inspired in part by the current state of the art in extremely large optical telescopes and builds off of Hans J. Kärcher' 50 years of design experience, he continues.

The designer of the logo is Luca Di Mascolo, currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Trieste, INAF’s Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste, and Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe (IFPU). While officially he is a recent addition to the AtLAST collaboration, Luca has been involved since AtLAST’s early days: he designed the first AtLAST logo, he participated in meetings held before the EU-funded Design Study commenced, and he has contributed to multiple papers promoting science cases for AtLAST.

Portrait photo of a young man with glasses
Luca di Mascolo has been involved since AtLAST’s early days, including the design of the first AtLAST logo. Photo: private.

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