Joanna Ramasawmy

AtLAST scientist - UKRI
Visiting address UK Astronomy Technology Centre Royal Observatory EH9 3HJ Edinburgh United Kingdom

Academic interests

I study star formation in the high redshift Universe using multi-wavelength observations of extragalactic survey fields. My interests range from understanding the physical processes that drive star formation in submillimetre galaxies, to the processes that quench star formation and halt galaxy growth, such as feedback from AGN. As AtLAST scientist, I will be working on maturing the science case for the telescope and developing a sensitivity calculator.


After completing my BSc in Astrophysics at the University of St Andrews, I took part in the Astromundus Erasmus Masters programme studying at the universities of Innsbruck, Padova and Rome Tor Vergata, with Dr Francine Marleau at the University of Innsbruck supervising my masters research on dwarf galaxies in the MATLAS survey.

I then joined the Centre for Astrophysics Research at the University of Hertfordshire for my PhD, where I worked with Dr Jason Stevens, Prof. James Geach and Prof. Martin Hardcastle on a number of projects centred on data from the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey, a large area submillimetre extragalactic survey.

I am currently based at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.


Take a look at the list of my publications.

Tags: WP6-Science, Galaxy evolution
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